1991 Suzuki Samurai

You've seen it on the front page, so here's it's story.

It all started with my first Suzuki Samurai, bought new in 1988. It was a great little vehicle and we went on many adventures together. To PEI and back, to Texas and back, it had never let me down despite me running it into two trees, a street lamp and getting rear ended by a Police Paddy wagen but like all vehicles in Ontario the road salt had taken it's toll. I did a body job on it and decided to paint it urban camo, but I couldn't find any flat grey paint so I just used black and white spray cans. A girl I was chasing around at the time said "Zebra stripes! that's so cool!" and the first Zebrazuk was born. I drove it like that for quite a while and it always got alot of attention and sort of became synonymous with me. The body eventually got to the point where I couldn't fix it anymore and after owning it for ten years I sold it to a couple of young kids for almost nothing. I'll always regret that.

In the summer of 2002 I decided I wanted a hobby vehicle. I was making decent money and the ATV I'd bought and was modifying was fun, but couldn't carry a passenger. I looked at several Samurais but there were either unfixable rust buckets, overpriced or both. I'd actually given up when fate stepped in. I normally took the subway to work, as parking was pretty expensive in downtown Toronto, but my GF at the time was running late and I ended up driving. I was going down the Don Valley Pkwy when a black Samurai came down an on ramp and pulled right in front of me. That's when I realized it had dealer plates on it. I followed it until it stopped, then ran over and asked the guy if it was for sale. He looked a little surprised, but said it was and we exchanged phone numbers. He brought it by my place that evening and I bought it. It only had 42000 km on it and was in amazing condition.

I spent my holidays working on it, and of course I zebra striped it. Over the next couple years I started to modify it, as I can't leave anything alone. The last thing I did was a spring over axle lift and shortly after that the rest of my life got a little too busy and I ended up storing it in my parents backyard. Five years passed, and now it's time to get it back on the road...

Repairs Begin