1999 Jeep Cherokee

The latest member of the family, so here's it's story.

I was given this Jeep by the guy who took over my Toyota Yaris lease, a very decent thing for him to do if you ask me. Thanks Douge, you've restored some of my faith in humanity. It has about 320,000 kms on it, but everything I read says the 4.0 engines will go forever if properly maintained and this one seems very strong. This is what it looked like the day I got it.

Not bad for a free vehicle. Heck not bad for a vehicle you might have paid for, believe me I know...

This is the interior. That white crap on the carpet is road salt and it's on every car in Ontario come spring.

The roof has some rust spots on it, no surprise as Chrysler had very poor metal prep and paint in the days this jeep was built. Low quality clearcoat didn't help either.

Repairs Begin